1.If a husband owned real estate before he became married, Pennsylvania divorce law a)Only looks at the increase in value of the property since the

1.      If a husband owned real estate before he became married, Pennsylvania divorce law

a)      Only looks at the increase in value of the property since the marriage up to the date of separation

b)     Prohibits any distribution to the wife

c)      Divides the property 50-50

d)     None of the above

2.      An offer for a unilateral contract

a)      Once revoked is no longer valid

b)     Is not a contract

c)      Must be accepted by completion of an act

d)     All of the above

3.      There were 6 witnesses in a case. Five (5) witnesses testified on behalf of the defendant and 1 testified on behalf of the plaintiff. The plaintiff won a civil action against the defendant. Defendant appeals

a)      Defendant will prevail because of the number of witnesses

b)     Defendant can win if Judge did something wrong

c)      Plaintiff will lose cause of the preponderance of evidence

d)     Both A & C

4.      A father leaped over the railing of his porch when he saw that his son was hit by a car in front of his house. The father was injured. The father sued the driver for his injuries.

a)      He can’t collect, it’s a ridiculous lawsuit

b)     He can collect under the doctrine of “danger invites rescue

c)      He can collect under the “good Samaritan rule”

d)     None of the above

5.      Comity

a)      Is similar to the concept of “full faith & credit”

b)     Allows for recognition of the rules and laws of foreign jurisdictions

c)      Will not be applied if contrary to our country’s public policy

d)     All of the above

6.      A person must show that he or she actually suffers some type of injury in the lawsuit he wishes to bring. This concept is called

a)      Jurisdiction

b)     Venue

c)      Minimum contacts

d)     standing

7.      A look at whom is involved in the litigation and who the Court wants to protect is a concept associated with

a)      Double jeopardy

b)     Mitigating circumstances

c)      Status and process

d)     Fixtures and trade fixtures

8.      A college student was injured when she was struck in the face by a bathroom door that had a defective hinge, while in her dorm on campus. After graduation she returned home to Arkansas and decided to sue Temple in Arkansas. This case

a)      Could have been bought it Philadelphia

b)     Can only be bought in Arkansas

c)      The Court must decide whether minimum contacts exist and the Court has jurisdiction

d)     Both A & C

9.      Courts have identified two types of sexual harassment and claims which are

a)      Status & process

b)     Quid pro quo & hostile work environment

c)      Casual & serious

d)     Difficult and sexually deviant

10.  The federal agency that takes care of Employment discrimination is the

a)      Federal Human Relations Commission

b)     FTC

c)      FOA

d)     EEOC