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Paper guidelines and additional paper information

BA 529 – Multinational Buisness Management

In order to submit a paper, which meets the class requirements you will have to do what is stated in the syllabus – see below.

Learning Outcome: Critically analyze the influence of economic, political, legal, cultural and educational environments on the conduct of international businesses.

Assessment Type Individual Paper and Presentation:

1200 words and 10 annotated slides

APA format with a minimum of 5 academic

References / sources

Presentation: 15 minutes

Critically analyse the most influential environmental factors for a specific organisation (insert name of organisation) in (insert country of choice). Use your evaluation of the business environment in your chosen organisation to make recommendations to management as to the suitability for investment in (insert country of choice)

Approval of the paper (title) is needed before you start writing.

The paper and the presentation represent 50% of your grade. The breakdown is:

· Paper 40%

· Presentation 10%

Please note the original rubric provided is not suitable and needs to be changed. An alternative has been proposed

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