13 . What is cyber – crime ?

I need answer of all of that question. thank you so much!

13 . What is cyber – crime ?A A crime that occurs online , in the virtual community of the Internet , as opposed to in the realworldB .Cyber fraudC.Identify theft!D.All of the aboveE .None of the above14. A contract is an agreement formed by two or more competent parties who agree , for consideration.to perform or to refrain from performing some legal act now or in the future _A .TrueB .FalseC .None of the above15. An offer Is a promise or commitment to perform or refrain from performing some specified legal act*in the future .TrueB .FalseC .None of the above16 . What is an acceptance ?. A confirming notice accepting the terms of the offer .A voluntary act by the offerce that shows assent , or agreement , to the terms of an offer thatB .may consist words or conductC .All of the aboveD.None of the above17 . What is contractual consideration ?B. The giving of something of legally sufficient value and a bargained – for- exchange which result inA .The value give in return for a promisea detriment to the promisee or a benefit to the promisorC. All of the aboveD. None of the above18 . Contractual capacity is the mental capacity required by law to enter into a contractual relationship .A .TrueB. 1FalseC. None of the above

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