Plan a clean room project , of newly acquired property which is in an upmarket suburb and already in use and should be ready within 8 days and .

Plan a clean room project,  of  newly acquired property which is in an upmarket suburb and  already in use and should be ready within  8 days and . As the project manger you are requested to provide a proposal which constitute the following:

1. define project objectives; 2. Define completion criteria(Deliverables); 3. Identify resources; 4. define tasks(mind mapping); 5. Define WBS;

6. Allocate reosurces to tasks; 7. Create dependencies relations; 8. Prepare schedule(Gantt Chart) 9. Prepare network diagram and review critical path

10. Set milestones and control points

I  have the following: Curtain specialist cleaner (R75hr); Floor specialist cleaner(R70hr) ; Dust specialist cleaner(R65hr); Carpet specialist cleaner(R55hr).

Requirements: All cleaning requirements are gathered; The report must in word document; The main body of the report must not be more than ten pages written in a non-technical format and must be readible

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