Critical thinking discuss w6 | English homework help

 2 complete paragraphs nothing less

In this forum, think about an issue that is relevant to your community. You can think of community beyond just geography (a professional community, interest community, etc).  For example: since I am an educator, I might examine an issue in higher education, like remote proctoring technology. Since my family shares one car but we commute to work in different directions, I might think about the need for more accessible public transportation in OKC. Since I enjoy reading and I’m an English instructor, I might think about why graphic novels should be encouraged in literature courses. The community you choose can be, but does not have to be, geography-based.

Being as formal and as logical as you can, create a two-paragraph argument that we can follow that will help us to understand your belief in the issue.  Even though this issue is important to you, aim to be as objective as possible.  Remember, too, to be respectful of those in the class who may have views that differ from your own.

Please note: You should not choose an argument/issue that questions or debates the rights or humanity of individuals or people groups. Avoid arguments based on morals. Arguments that do not follow these guidelines will not receive credit. 

When you are finished typing your argument , go back through your posting and: 1) underline the premises of your argument; and 2) highlight your conclusion in bold.  

Finally, at the end of your posting, type a few sentences that comment on your argument.  Does the conclusion seem to logically follow from the premises?  Are there any logical holes or fallacies in your argument?  How might you improve your argument?

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