Additionally, you may write a makefile if


Additionally, you may write a make file if you want your code to compile with additional flags.· You must provide a short README.txt file which includes your name and explains how to compile and run your program. ·Your code must be well commented· Must not use STL, with the exception of Strings· The user should receive easy to understand output, as to whether their request is possible, and the steps necessary to achieve it if it is possible· The user can input the requisite information how you wish, either by reading from the keyboard, argument lists, or from a file. If read from a file you should use I/O redirection instead of prompting for a filename.· You can only change the amount of water in a jug by: Filling it up to full from the water source 

Completely emptying it back into the water sourceo

Emptying from jug A into jug B until jug B is full (A and B can be either jug)o Emptying from jug A into jug B until jug A is empty (A and B can be either jug)·The required amount of water should be obtainable only by storing water in the jugs. You may not pour water into a final holding area.· The required amount of water cannot be greater than the combined sizes of both jugs. It can be less than or equal only· The required amount of water must be a non-zero, positive integer· The size of each jug must be a non-zero, positive integer· This assignment has two parts: a design portion and an implementation portion. For the design portion, you must generate documentation describing your program. You might consider including things such as detailed explanations of your various functions and algorithms, how information is stored and is modified, and/or justifications of your design decisions. Diagrams are also an effective way to convey information, provided they also have some description of what is being diagramed. This documentation must be provided along with your program and should be thorough. Your program must adhere to the following constraints:

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