3 to 4 page case analysis paper about (project risk management):

3 to 4 page case analysis paper about (Project risk management):

At least three source materials and 3 to 4 pages in length. The papers should be written using the Guidelines for Writing and Presentations outlined below. The paper should be based on a project you are familiar with and/or any project you have researched.

Papers should address, at a minimum, the following four questions:

    What is the concept or practice (definition)

    How would this concept or practice be applied typically in project management

    How have you seen the concept or practice applied on a real project – either by your or some else

    Was the application success? Why or why not?

Style (times, 12, double space, minimum 3 to 4 pages without the cover page)


Guidelines for Writing:

·      Evidence of learning in accordance with the course objectives

    Organization and thoroughness

    Suitability for review by or presentation to senior level management

    Depth of understanding of subject material

    Effectiveness of delivery

    Correct use of grammar and spelling

    Depth of critical analysis and deductive logic utilized to formulate recommendations

    Reference to relevant issues and materials

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