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ENGL 1020: Composition/Analysis       

The University of Memphis                                                                            

Week #5: Reflection Discussion Post

We only learn by stopping to reflect on our previous actions and to absorb the practice we have been engaged in. 

This, the first of two Discussion Posts the week, asks you to reflect on your learning thus far. Please reflect on tasks of weeks #1- #4 through and how they have reviewed or introduced new knowledge. 

Questions you might consider responding to:

  1. Why is our current public discourse sometimes so discourteous?
  2. What are some of the most pressing arguments we are embroiled in? Why do these arguments persist?
  3. What are you noticing about your opinions as you study the art of persuasion?
  4. Are you noting any changes to your writing process? If so, what are they?
  5. Reflect on your performance as an online learner. Are you more, less, or as successful as in a face-to-face course? How do you account for this? How might you use the instructor for assistance?
  6. Set some goals for the next few weeks.

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