Sample and population | Human Resource Management homework help

Based on this week’s Required Studies, in 1-2 substantive paragraphs, describe the difference between a study’s sample and population? Also, take a stab at a classic question: How many participants should make up a sample? [HINT: it depends] Why?
Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research
Required Studies
The following materials are required studies for this week. Complete these studies at the beginning of the week and save these weekly materials for future use.
Educational Research: Fundamentals for the Consumer (McMillan, 2012)
Chapter 1, pages 1-18
Chapter 4, pages 93-113
Chapter 6, pages 145-170
The Ethics of Educational Research (Gay, 2009) [PDF]
M.Ed. Capstone Research Project Pamphlet [PDF]
What is Ethics in Research and Why is it Important? (Resnik, 2013a)
Research Ethics Timeline (1932- Present) (Resnik, 2013b)

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