History 1301 discussion | American history homework help



Andrew Jackson is one of the most polarizing presidents in the history of the United States. People either believe he was a great president or an absolutely terrible president with few opinions in between. As a matter of fact there are a number of Indian reservations that refuse to take $20 bills because they have his picture on them. Considering the controversy, along with his contributions to the country, was Andrew Jackson a good president? Why or why not?

Make sure to bring up specific examples from the reading and course materials.

*INSTRUCTOR’S NOTE* I admit that this can be a controversial, but this is why academia exists in the first place; to discuss controversial and thorny topics. That said, there is NO right or wrong answer. What matters is how well your argument is. Along with that, given the nature of this topic, we need to show respect to EVERYONE in this discussion.


Create a thread in which you answer the prompt above. Your original post needs to be well thought out and written with a minimum length of 300 words. If you use outside sources, you MUST cite them using parenthetical citations.

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