Human resource management writing assignment


This assignment assesses the following Course Outcome:

HN502-4: Evaluate the role of diversity, equity and inclusion in addressing human needs.

For this assignment, you will choose an era on the timeline below. Please keep in mind that this activity is a research-informed art project; thus, you will be creating a visual- and audio-based story about what was happening in the LGBTQ Rights movement within your era. Make a clear connection with the Course Outcome (HN530-4: Explore the uniqueness of the client based on demographic and cultural dimensions and characteristics) and at least one of the NOHS values within your presentation.

Feel free to create an edited video, a collage with pictures, photos, poems, song lyrics, etc. Along with this visual storytelling, you will also create and submit a 10-minute discussion/presentation of your project.


A. 1900–1914

B. 1915–1929

C. 1930–1944

D. 1945–1959

E. 1960–1974

F. 1975–1989

G. 1990–2004

H 2005–2020

Within your era, you can select:

  • One specific person


  • One specific organization/event/action (e.g., Mattachine Society, AIDS activism, Compton Cafeteria, etc.) including key leaders and their contributions and if social workers played any role


  • One specific institution (labor, military, mental health, religion, education, government, etc.), including key leaders and their contributions and if social workers played any role


  • Several events/persons/actions during that era

For this assignment, address the following:

What are the dominant narratives usually told about this era and the leaders of this era?

  • Whose contributions are included, and whose are left out?
  • What queer criminal archetypes were used to oppress the LGBTQ community within your era?
  • What tactics were used to fight oppression?
  • What challenges did they face?
  • What fueled their commitment to change?
  • What role (if any) did heterosexual cisgender people play as allies?

To receive full credit for this assignment:

  • Please include direct material from the Queer (In)justice reading, as well as other research (e.g., qualitative and quantitative research, historical analysis, documentaries). Wikipedia will not be accepted as a reliable source.
  • Please include a discussion of at least one of these intersecting contexts: colonization, slavery, capitalism, patriarchy, White supremacy.
    • (For example, how does capitalism affect/influence LGBTQ social movements? How is White supremacy reinforced or challenged within these movements? What impact has slavery had on the LGBTQ movements? What is the relationship between colonization and gender violence?

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