Brainstorming ideas | ECD 565 Play Defense Assignment | Arizona State University


Brainstorming Ideas discussion

Working with colleagues and sharing ideas is an important part of being an educator. For this lesson’s discussion, please describe your brainstorming and ideas about your integrated unit to your peers. In your description please include the following concepts:

· The major theme, four sub-themes and the three unit themes under each sub-theme

· The target grade level

· Aligned standards

· A brief description of how you will incorporate Social Studies into your integrated unit

· A brief description of other lesson ideas you have for your unit

· Questions you have for your peers about your unit design, lesson ideas, etc.

· Optional – include how you might use artificial intelligence to support the development of resources and/or student opportunities in your unit. 

Cite course materials and other resources as a foundation for your own thematic unit planning and in support of your discussion.

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