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HSE 400

Week 6 Case Study

Listed below are topics I would like for you to discuss. Refer to the textbook, weekly materials, and/or the GMC library when researching the topics for this Discussion Forum. 
Put your writing into your own words, do not copy directly from the source. If you incorporate external links be sure to cite them properly.  Lastly, review how to paraphrase and quote resources before you begin posting.

Case: John Doe, Inc. v. Mukasey, 549 F.3d 861 (2008) (Attached)

· Compose a case study on the importance of the Appellate Court’s decision to affirm part of the appeal, but remand another section of the lawsuit.

· Was it the correct decision in your opinion?

· Justify your position.

· Describe the importance of NSLs and whether they are worth the possible cost of violating the first amendment.

Some Approved External Website(s): The following optional learning resources contain approved external websites that may be used to assist you in gaining a deeper understanding of the material presented in this weeks lesson. They are categorized by the student learning objectives in this week. Please take advantage of this opportunity to expand your knowledge with the material provided. 

Aryanfard, O. (n.d.). National Security. 

Click link to open resource.

John Doe, Inc. v. Mukasey, 549 F.3d 861 (2d Cir. 2008 ). American Association Of University Professors (AAUP). (n.d.). 

Click link to open resource.

APA Format, 500 words

See Rubric Below

Wk 3 & 6 Case Study Rubric


20 points

26 points

Substance of Brief

2 components were addressed properly

All 3 components of the brief were addressed properly


 16 points

24 points

Opinion Component

 Opinion points were apparent with some supporting details provided that demonstrated some critical thinking.

Includes factual inferences that are not supported. Lacks a sophisticated tone, but is readable and understandable.

Opinion points were well developed with substantial, relevant supporting details that demonstrated critical thinking. Includes facts that are important to the analysis and conclusion. The opinion is concise, and the reader has all necessary information.


12 points 

14 Points

APA Style: In-Text Citations and References

 APA style was used with some errors. Some in-text citations conform to APA style AND/OR some references are cited correctly AND/OR there is some accuracy between in-text citations and the references.

APA style was mostly used accurately and consistently. Most or all in-text citations conform to APA style. Most or all references are cited correctly. There is accuracy between in-text citations and the references.


 12 points

18 points

Overall Mechanics / Professionalism

 Case study contained some APA, grammatical, spelling, capitalization, and/or punctuation errors, distracting from professionalism.
(3 to 5 errors)

Case study was written in a professional manner using APA guidelines and were mostly free of grammatical, spelling, capitalization, or punctuation errors.
(Less than 3 errors)


6 points

8 points

12 points

14 points

18 points


Case Study was between 300-349 words

Case Study was between 350-399 words

Case Study was between 400- 449 words

 Case Study was between 450- 499 words

Case Study was 500 words

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