2700 ba mod 5 leader

 Overview:For this assignment, you will research a well-known leader of your choice. Prepare a written response to the prompt below using a word processor. Please save your file in .doc or .docx format. Your paper should be at least three (3) pages in length and should comply with APA writing requirements.For more guidance about APA formatting, please visit the  APA Resources folder in the Student Resources course menu tab.*To view the grading rubric for this assignment, click on the name of the assignment and click “View Rubric”
Instructions:Conduct research on a well-known leader who you feel is exemplary and/or who is known for bad leadership skills. You might be interested in researching former leaders such as Lee Iacocca of Chrysler, Herb Kelleher of Southwest Airlines, Jack Welch of General Electric, or Ray Kroc of McDonald’s. Alternatively, you could research present-day corporate leaders such as Indra Nooyi of PepsiCo, Mary Barra of GM, etc. Remember, the leader you choose to research doesn’t have to be on this list. Choose a leader who draws your curiosity! Some students have chosen the CEO of their own employers. The choice is yours. Complete the following:

  1. Review articles and biographical information that is available on the Internet.
  2. Answer the following questions about the leader you chose:
    1. Provide a background of your leader. Who are they? What key aspects have shaped who they are? (Family, education, career, or other events that have impacted them).
    2. How would this individual’s leadership style be characterized? What type of leadership do they exhibit? Explain. Please utilize references and examples from your research to support.
    3. How has their leadership style impacted their organization? Please utilize specific examples to support your discussion.
    4. In what specific ways do you feel this individual was an effective or ineffective leader? Please provide specific examples to support your statement.
    5. Propose two other types of leadership or management styles that this person could utilize to enhance their organization- please compare 2 other types of leadership.
    6. In what specific ways do you feel this individual’s leadership could be improved? Every leader could use improvement. You must find something to improve upon. 
  3. Your paper should be at least three (3) pages in length (excluding the cover page, references, attachments, etc.). 
  4. You should have a minimum of two (2) sources in addition to your textbook. 
  5. You must use APA guidelines.

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