310 wk2 disc 1 | Social Science homework help

For the purpose of this course, distinctions between two important concepts should be considered:

Theoretical framework: the use of constructs and propositions a recognized theory (or theories) to a research problem, purpose, and question.

Examples: Social Influence theory, transformational leadership theory, game theory

Conceptual framework: the construction of ideas, assumptions, and beliefs sourced in both the literature and one’s own experience, which identify the main concepts that guide the formulation of the research problem, purpose, and question.

Examples: Concepts from positive psychology, mindfulness meditation, language development models

To prepare for this Discussion:

· Review the Learning Resources related to the use of a theoretical or conceptual framework to guide the examination of a research problem in qualitative research.

· BY DAY 3

· Post an explanation of the role of a theoretical or conceptual framework in qualitative research and provide examples from the resources you read. Use proper APA format and citations to support your post.



· Conroy, N.E.(2013). 

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· Cleaver, D., & Ballantyne, J. (2014). 

Teachers’ views of constructivist theory: A qualitative study illuminating relationships between epistemological understanding and music teaching practice.Links to an external site.
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· Stahl, B., Doherty, N., Shaw, M., & Janicke, H. (2014). 

Critical Theory as an Approach to the Ethics of Information Security.Links to an external site.
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· Grant, C., & Osanloo, A. (2014). 

Understanding, Selecting, and Integrating a Theoretical Framework in Dissertation Research: Creating the Blueprint for Your “House”Links to an external site.

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