350words to further your study of clients’ important rights of



To  further your study of clients’ important rights of privacy and  confidentiality you will do some research on your own. This will assist  you in learning the history of these rights and examining their  implications for ethical practice. Then, you will create a plan for how  you will ensure you respect these rights in your future practice. Use  the Readings, Internet, and Library to research the development of  clients’ rights of privacy and confidentiality.

Please respond to the following:

  • Discuss the history and the basis of clients’ rights to privacy and the development of the right of confidentiality.
  • Why are these rights necessary and important for clients receiving services?
  • How do these rights impact service delivery by human service professionals?
  • Develop a plan to protect your future clients’ rights to privacy and confidentiality. 
    • Discuss ways you intend implement these ideas in your practice.

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