750 wordz 1. the name of the game and why you played it 3. describe


750 wordz

1. The name of the game and why you played it

3. Describe 3 artistic features of the game, using each of books from:

  1. Art –  Sachant, P. Introduction to Art: Design, Context, and Meaning 
  2. Music –  Cohen, D. Music: Its Language, History, and Culture 
  3. Theatre –  Mitchell, C. Theatrical Worlds 

And discuss each of your points using citations from the books. (This isn’t about story or character, it should the visual art, music and sound, and concept of world building and how it is used in the game.) Most importantly, relate the art of the game, in it’s many forms, to something we have seen and read in the books using citations. If there is no way to relate the game to what we have studied in the texts this is probably not a good choice.You can use any of the 3 text books to explore and support your points about the game features.

4. Style and grammar

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