A Venn Diagram Model for Ethical Decision Making Economic/Ethical/Legal Purely E thical Legal/Ethical Ethical ponsibility MORAL MANAGEMENT Purely

Identify the following activities as moral, immoral or amoral and (2) categorize the activities as ethical, economic and/or legal as appropriate and explain:

1.Height and weight requirements for a police force candidate

2.Tobacco company warnings on labels

3.Chic-Fil-A’s policy of being closed on Sunday

4.The creation of a website where users can download music for free by sharing files with other users

5.Provision of HIV/AIDS drugs below cost in 3rd world countries

6.Installation of an anti-pollution device

7.Ben & Jerry’s distribution of free ice cream in a community

8.Prostitution in the state of Nevada

9.Moving a company overseas because another country has weaker environmental or employment laws

10.Pulling a product from a shelf when it is discovered that there is a product defect

A Venn Diagram Model for Ethical Decision MakingEconomic/Ethical/LegalPurely E thicalLegal/EthicalEthicalponsibilityMORALMANAGEMENTPurely Legal2bLegalResponsibilityEconomic/LegalE conom ic/E thical2aPurely EconomicEconomicResponsibilityIMMORAL AND/ORA MORALAMORAL MANAGEMENTMANAGEMENT