Activity 4 – critique review – how smartphones enhance consumer

Activity 4 – Article Critique Assignment

In this assignment, you are to critically read and evaluate a scholarly article’s strengths, weaknesses, and contributions to the study field. Learning how to critique a journal article has several benefits, including preparing you for publishing in the future and keeping you current on the literature in your field of study. The practical application is developing the ability to look at research within your organization and industry with a knowledgeable, critical eye.


locate and review the following peer-reviewed article:


Melumad, S., & Meyer, R. (2020). Full Disclosure: How Smartphones Enhance Consumer Self-Disclosure. 
Journal of Marketing, 84(3), 28-45.


Following your review; critically evaluate the article’s strengths, weaknesses, and contribution to the study field using the outline below as a guide:

 Cover page

· The cover page will include:

· Articles Title and Author (s)

· Name of Journal (s)

· Date of publication

· Your name

Executive Summary

· Summarize the significant aspects of the entire article, including:


· The overall purpose and general area of study of the article.

· The specific problem being addressed in the study.

· The main findings of the article.


Literature Review

· Briefly summarize the overall themes presented in the Literature Review.


· Was the literature review applicable to the study, current and thorough?

· Were there gaps in the literature review?

Data Analysis


· Identify the methodology used: qualitative, quantitative, mixed? Was the chosen methodology appropriate for the study? Why or why not?

· Did the data analysis prove or disprove the research questions? Explain.


· In this section, you will address the following:

· Describe the article’s relevance to the field of knowledge.

· Outline the strengths and weaknesses of the article. Be specific.

· Based on the article, what future research do you think needs to be accomplished in this area?

· What are your key points and takeaways after analyzing the article?


Proper APA in-text citation must be used. 4 pages NOT including Cover page and references pages.

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