Adopted policy | Biology homework help

Explore Educational Policy and its Influence on School Operations and Practices

(CLOs 1, 2, & 3)


After reading the scenarios about policy and pedagogy, the concepts of policy, process, and procedure, and sources for educational policy, you will explore your local educational agency or institution and review the policies that are in place that guide operations and practices. 


  • Select a policy adopted at your local institution significant to its operations or practices.
  • Explain how the selected policy connects to the research on current issues in education that can be found at policy sites listed in the optional resources or in policy journals found in PK-12 Policy NU Library LibGuide (
  • Respond to the following:
    • How does the selected policy align or not align to the current research on the issue?
    • How does the selected policy inform or affect the operations or practices at the local level from a leadership perspective?

This assignment must be 2-3 pages in length (excluding the title and reference page) and include at least 2 scholarly resources.

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