Advertisement analysis | Psychology homework help

Find an ad that involves social and prestige suggestions—techniques based on the premise that you should buy or do something because many others do so (social suggestion) or some well-known person (celebrity) makes a recommendation (prestige suggestion).

Answer the following questions:

1. Discuss what product this ad attempts to market and describe where the ad came from. Describe or attach

2.  Discuss which component(s) of attitudes (e.g., affective, behavioral, cognitive) to which the ad appeals. How can you tell?  Was this a good strategy for this product/audience? 

3.  Discuss the route of persuasion do the advertisers seem to use (e.g., central/systematic route vs. peripheral/heuristic)? Was that a good choice? Specifically, what central or peripheral cues are used? 

4. Does the ad attempt to describe the source of its product information (e.g., “dentists agree that _____” or “experts suggest ____?”  Do these sources come off as credible and/or attractive? If there was no expert, do you think one would have helped? Why or why not?

5.  Discuss the communication itself. In your opinion, is the advertisement persuasive? I want you to answer this question by commenting on four elements: Whether the advertisement is a) weak/strong, b) one-sided/two-sided, c) overt/implied, and d) discrepant with the audience/in-line with the audience. Then, tell me why. That is, answer along the lines of: “The advertisement was weak because …” and “The ad was one-sided because …” etc. After discussing those ideas, let me know whether the way the advertiser presented the ad was persuasive.

6.  Discuss the target of the communication. Who are the advertisers targeting, how can you tell, and was that a good decision?  How might this ad be different if directed towards an audience from a more interdependent culture? 

7.  Describe how AT LEAST ONE social psychology concept that we have discussed that applies to this ad (e.g. dissonance, emotions, attitudes, self-monitoring, etc. – your choice). First, define that concept and then discuss how it is relevant to the ad’s persuasiveness.  

(Seven Points Possible for Each Question #1 through #6; Eight Points for Question #7.

A good rule of thumb is 1 sentence for each point, or 7 sentences for a 7 point question)

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