Anatomy question, already bidded, due 11.13 sun eastern time 11:59pm


A.  (12 points) 

Explain the anatomy of the ‘knee jerk’ (or patellar) *reflex* caused by tapping the patellar tendon below the right knee, including the parts of the nervous system that respond to the sensory input and cause the motor output. You may do this in list form.
Address the following: 

  1. Which anatomical parts of the *spinal cord* — spinal cord region, roots, horns, rami —  are used during the sensory and motor portions of the reflex arc (in order)?  
  2. Which specific plexus, nerve(s), and muscle(s) are used in the sensory and motor activity?
  3. Although the brain is not involved in producing the motor response, which part of the *brain* is activated so that the person becomes AWARE that the knee was stimulated?

B. (8 points)

List the structures involved in taking blood from the left atrium, through relevant heart structures and delivering the blood to the capillaries of the myocardium of the anterior wall of the left ventricle, then back to the right atrium.
Include all relevant heart valves, chambers and major vessels.

                       left atrium

1.  ________________________________________

2.  ________________________________________

3.  ________________________________________

4.  ________________________________________

5.  ________________________________________

6.  ________________________________________

myocardial capillaries in anterior left ventricle wall

7.  ________________________________________             

8.  ________________________________________

           right atrium

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