APPLIED CONCEPT PAPER PART ONE: ASSIGNMENT GUIDELINES WHAT’S THE PURPOSE? This paper is intended to demonstrate your understanding of certain key

I need this paper done by this Wednesday, Sept 10th, before 11:59 pm (eastern standard time) please. This paper is an applied concept paper where you have to relate the topics, and concepts that I will provide with real life situations in the corporate world. Different concepts can have different articles; you can also use the same article to relate all the concepts if possible but it is better to have a different article, example for each concept. I also provided the instructions about the structure of the paper as well as a sample paper for reference. The concepts are: 1- Issues in the board of directors responsibility in a company2- Due Care (board directors)3- Degree of involvement in strategic management: Phantom 4- Issues in Agency Theory5- Sarbanes-Oxley Act- Failure of Enron, Tyco, or WorldCom 6- Top management responsibilities 7- Code of ethics example and violationYou can choose only 4 or 5 of the topics. I listed 7 so that you can choose the easiest ones.

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