Applying nursing theory to research and advance practice

Exam Content

This assessment measures your ability to analyze the application of nursing theories in research, evidence-based practice, and leadership.

As an advanced practice nurse, you have the “responsibility to influence both nursing and societal attitudes and behaviors toward eradicating structural/systemic racism and discrimination and promoting social justice” and to “provide high quality, equitable, and culturally competent health care” (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2021, p. 6).

Cultural competence in health care is defined as “having the knowledge, understanding, and skills about a diverse cultural group that allows the health care provider to provide acceptable care” (Giger et al., 2007). Nursing theorist Madeleine Leininger believed optimal nursing care requires understanding a person’s beliefs and values. In this assessment, you will translate Leininger’s theory into practice.

Write a 1200-word paper in which you connect how cultural care theory and the evidence surrounding cultural competence could guide your future practice.

Include the following sections in your paper:

· Provide an overview of Madeleine Leininger’s theory and how it relates to cultural awareness and competence in nursing.

· Describe the characteristics of an inclusive workplace culture.

· Identify your assessed biases and the biases of your colleagues.

· Provide an application of cultural competence theory that would create an environment of inclusivity.

· Describe how having an environment focused on cultural competence, inclusivity, and reducing health inequities improves workplace culture and quality outcomes for patients.

Assessment Support

Review the rubric for guidance on deliverable expectations. 

· Complete the assessment from 
Project Implicit to help identify your own biases.


· Giger, J., Davidhizar, R., Purnell, L., Harden, J., Phillips, J., & Strickland, O. (2007). American Academy of Nursing expert panel report: Developing cultural competence to eliminate health disparities in ethnic minorities and other vulnerable populations. Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 18, 95–102.

· American Association of Colleges of Nursing. (2021). The essentials: Core competencies for professional nursing education.


· Overview of Leininger’s Theory

10% of total grade

· Workplace Inclusivity

10% of total grade

· Bias Awareness

10% of total grade

· Application of Cultural Competence Theory

30% of total grade

· Effect of Cultural Competence on Patient Outcomes

30% of total grade

· Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: Make Judgements/Draw Conclusions

5% of total grade

· APA, Grammar, and Writing Mechanics

3% of total grade

· Information Literacy

2% of total grade

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