Assigment .apa seven . all instructions attached.

   I need to correct this assigment using zipcode 33165 no generalize miami dade county the intrucctions are attached

The community population chosen for this for this assignment is Miami-Dade County, Florida with a specific focus on the zip code 33165, which includes parts of Miami and Westchester. The community population is ethnically diverse, with significant Hispanic population. The vulnerable population chosen within the community is the elderly population, who face unique health risk due to age, income, and access to quality healthcare.
Miami Dade County’s zip code 33165 is characterized by a significant Hispanic population, making up over 80% of the total population. The community has a substantial elderly population, with a large proportion of individuals aged 65 year and over.
The leading causes of morbidity in the area are chronic disease such a heart disease .

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