Assignment description individual case study (1750 words, 50% of


Assignment Description Individual Case Study (1750 words, 50% of assessment weighting) For this individual case study, you are required to select a company or an organisation of your own choice (this could be the company you have working experience with or a company that you target to work for in the future). The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the businesses and economy

dramatically. The Board of Directors is currently considering to diversify its business risk and plan to make some investments that would help the business sustain and grow in the long term. Assume you were the Chief Financial Officer of the company/organisation,

you were tasked to produce a report to the Board of Directors that identifies a potential investment project to help the business grow in the post COVID-19 environment. Write a professional report to the Board of Directors. In your report, you shall propose a investment project, considering the risk and return, evaluating the investment opportunity and analysing its potential impact on the company/organisation with consideration of its financial performance before you make recommendation, including the following discussions: 1. Motivation of the proposed investment (200-300 words) 2. Conduct investment appraisal using both quantative and qualitative information (500-600 words) 3. Critically discuss the risk and return and its potential impact on its financial performance (500-600 words) 4. Conclusion and make recommendation (250 words) Data can be assessed via FAME for publicly traded UK company, stock exchange, Yahoo Finance, as well as the annual report and official website. If you choose a private company, please ensure you can assess the data for your analysis. Analysis, links, examples and applications of the concepts and discussion should be made to current businesses and situations to show understanding of this module and its contents. Reference should follow Harvard Referencing Guide. Please do not copy and paste other resources in your report. The appendices of the report shall include relevant supporting data. 

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