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Basic Rules for Writing Better Memos, Emails, or any other Documents

Basic Rules for Writing Better Memos, Emails, or any other DocumentsAs you approach the task of preparing written or oral communications of any kind there is a basic pattern that can be used to guide you toward quality outcomes.

AUDIENCE — Who will you be corresponding with? Is it one person or a group? Do they know you? Do they have a technical background or are they more task oriented?
PURPOSE — Why are you preparing this communication? To provide information? To request information?

Once you have established an AUDIENCE and PURPOSE it is time to begin developing the document or presentation.
In the INTRODUCTION you will provide an overview of what is to follow. Remember the AUDIENCE and PURPOSE and provide appropriate information.
The BODY contains the FACTS, DETAILS, or SPECIFIC INFORMATION that needs to be provided to the AUDIENCE. Organization is important in the BODY to lead the AUDIENCE through the information.
The CONCLUSION is where you bring things together and let the AUDIENCE know that you have completed the communication.

You can search on the web for additional resources to help improve your writing of memos, letters, proposals, etc.BASIC FORMAT FOR A MEMORANDUM: M E M O R A N D U M

SUBJECT: (Introduction to the project — at least one paragraph) (Body to the project — may be multiple paragraphs) (Conclusion to the project — at least one paragraph).

In a MEMO format, write to your new supervisor Marty Marshmellow and discuss the writing process: Planning, Drafting, and Revising. How important is each step?

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