Aug week 2 | Psychology homework help

Moreno, R. (2010).
Educational psychology. New York: John Wiley & Sons.

· Chapter 1: Educational Psychology: Becoming an Effective Classroom Teacher

· Chapter 2: Understanding Diversity in the Classroom

Part 1: 300 words all together for part 1-2 For this discussion, describe and analyze an episode of learning from a behavioral perspective. The episode of learning may be one that you experienced, one that is recorded, or one that you observed. The episode of learning may have been successful or unsuccessful.

Part 2: Using your analysis of the episode of learning, provide convincing evidence that behavioral theory provides the most appropriate framework for the learning experience you described, because of what was to be learned, how the learning environment was organized, etc.

Part B-
Using Behavioral Principles in the Classroom – Case Analysis

Course objectives 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Read and examine thoroughly the case study in Chapter 5, page 190 of your textbook (Moreno, 2010). After your examination of the case, think about the application of behaviorist theory and how the principles of behaviorism could be applied to resolve the issues in this case. Your answers should be in a minimum of 4-5 complete sentences and fully answer the question being asked.

Then answer the following questions in a minimum of 150 words per response:

1. What are some strategies that the teacher used to increase desirable behaviors?

2. What are some strategies that the teacher used to decrease undesirable behavior?

3. Which if the behaviorist principles were applied during the lesson, and how?

4. Did the teacher demonstrate an awareness of students’ diversity?

5. Using the classroom tips on page 179 of your textbook (Moreno, 2010), evaluate the overall effectiveness of the lesson according to these behaviorist principles and determine what the strengths and weaknesses of using these principles are.

In your conclusion, discuss which principles you might find yourself incorporating into training new teachers and why? In other words, what do you see potentially most effective?

Part C-Behavioral Theory

For week 2, In a minimum of 500 words with at least 2 sources, discuss the behavioral view of learning and how to apply behavioral theory in the classroom to enhance learning.

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