Business finance – accounting bus 375 week 8 assignment


Week 8 Assignment – Project Progress Report


Now that you’ve developed a list of resources, a budget, a list of tasks, and a timeline, it’s time to check in again with your customer(s). In this activity, imagine you’ve just finished up a Progress Review Meeting with your customer(s) where you discussed the current status of the project, project progress, and any troubleshooting that has occurred. Now, you need to write a follow-up email to go over what was discussed in the meeting. You will write a professional email to the customer(s) of your project, recapping the progress report you delivered in your meeting. 


Before beginning this activity, make sure you have:  

  • Reviewed the report outline from section 13.1 in your textbook  

For this activity, complete the following: 

  • Follow the report outline from section 13.1 in your textbook to write a follow-up email, recapping an imagined Progress Review meeting you had with your customer(s). There is a template for you to review to help with this assignment, so you will need to create your own document. 
  • In your email, include and highlight the following eight key terms from the textbook, using each term correctly and in a professional context: 
    •  Sensitive 1 through 9 
    • “Project stakeholders” and “ethics” from chapter 10 
    • “Project vision” from chapter 11 
    • “Met expectations” from chapter 12 
    • “Project performance,” “baseline,” and “compare plan vs actual” from chapter 13 

Your email should be clear, well-organized, and formatted according to SWS style. Your email should be between 300 and 500 words, and should use accurate grammar, mechanics, and spelling.  

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