Business finance – management bus 375 week 10 assignment

 For this assignment, complete the following: 

  • Synthesize information from all previous assignments into a PowerPoint presentation that showcases the project successes to the key customer(s) and/or stakeholder(s). 
    • Your presentation should have at least 10 slides: 
      • A title slide 
      • At least 8 informational slides 
      • A final slide for sources 
    • Do not include content from previous assignments word-for-word. Instead, incorporate instructor feedback you received on previous activities and assignments, and then summarize the key information for your presentation. 
    • When creating your presentation, emphasis should be placed on addressing your audience with an appropriate tone. Your slides should not be bullet-pointed lists, but a professional summary of the successes of your project for the stakeholders. 
  • Include detailed speaker notes that expand on the information presented in the slides. 
    • All slides should include at least 50 words of speaker notes, except for the title and sources slides.  
    • Speaker notes are used to guide what you would say if you were presenting to your customer(s). You can use speaker notes to remind yourself of details to discuss that aren’t listed on the slide. These notes could include details on project budget, troubleshooting and eliminating roadblocks, timeline adjustments, etc.

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