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Dream Job: CEO/ Building my own Multimillion dollar Logistics Conpany

This week describe your dream job. Where would it be, what would you do, and describe how you make decisions in a socially responsible manner. Be specific and reference this week’s content section ( Civic responsibilities, Social responsibilities and Data collaborative) in your response.

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Service to our country and our local communities has been a driving factor in my professional ambition since I was young. I grew up with a strong respect for military service and other avenues of service that provide for the common good. Over the years, a love for the maritime environment has enmeshed itself into my professional goals. I have two parallel and complementary dream jobs. First is continued military service through a transfer into the Navy Reserve. Second is the eventual ownership and operation of a marine repair and towing business. I would like to establish this business somewhere in the Great Lakes region, as I like the climate, large bodies of water, and the unique advantages of operating long-term in a freshwater environment.

Once I have developed my experience and skillsets in boat maintenance and handling, I will seek certifications through the American Boating and Yacht Council (ABYC) which will allow me to better connect and market myself in this field. Ultimately my business would allow me to perform boat maintenance and towing services for stranded vessels in the local area. This would allow me to earn a living on/near the water like I have dreamed of for quite some time. I would also offer boat storage options for continued revenue through the slower winter months.

Volunteering with the Coast Guard Auxiliary will provide me with additional opportunities to learn from the best in boat maintenance and handling, as it can put me in direct contact with local Coast Guard units and the ability to get involved in routine boat maintenance as well as certification as a crewmember and potentially as an Auxiliary coxswain. This volunteer service would also allow me to develop my business with a focus on civic responsibility.

According to this week’s lesson, civic responsibilities are essentially the duties of a citizen, and entail both cultural and ethical influences on a citizen’s professional decision making (American Public University System, n.d.). While I would certainly seek to build revenue through payment for services when not operating in an Auxiliary capacity, I would develop my business in a way that complements my volunteer service with the Coast Guard Auxiliary. I would do this by using my own facilities (vessels, docks, and radio assets) to provide free services for local boaters in need whenever I am on voluntary Auxiliary orders with the Coast Guard. I would also position myself to continue such volunteer service into retirement. Thus, in many ways, my decisions in building my business will be made with an eye toward civic responsibility.

Generally speaking, the most successful businesses are the ones best positioned to assist local communities. What are some good ways to balance focus on civic responsibility with maintaining high revenue flows?


American Public University System. (n.d.). BUSN697 I001 Summer 2022 – Unit 5 of 10 Week 3: Civil and Social responsibility 


I have two dream jobs. The first is to be a small business owner with an annual revenue of between one to five million dollars. This company would be diversified in support of federal and local governments. It would also own small businesses that manage bicycle events and sell bicycle products. My company would be headquartered in Arizona (preferably Northeast in the state). Being a small business owner with small time annual revenue goals is in my ten-year plan. I say this is my first dream job because it gives me back time and will give me the best opportunity to retire with dignity while supporting future generations of my family. 

My second dream job is to run for political office and win. I have been active in my community for almost a decade, and I feel that by running for office I could help the communities I am involved in much better and more effectively. I would like to run for office at least once to say I tried my best to help the people of my community. I do understand how to do this process and it entails months of hard work and overcoming unique obstacles that I have no experience in. But, the first steps are registering as a candidate and collecting signatures to be a valid candidate  on the ballot.

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