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When creating an e-portfolio, what do you feel are the essential components that captured what you’re learned?  What previous work(s) do you think would highlight yourself and your top learning achievements at APUS? If you were to review an e-portfolio as an employer, what learning outcomes would be most important?

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A key aspect of an e-portfolio is connecting learning with professional ambitions. My studies in transportation and logistics management have consistently overlapped with my professional interest in national security, especially from a military perspective. Therefore, the essential components in my e-portfolio are those elements that offer insight into the national security aspects of transportation and logistics management. The products that I will include in my e-portfolio demonstrate learning that is certainly relevant for military application, but may be beneficial as well in civilian positions related to national or private security in the field transportation and logistics.

The works I have included examine global transportation and logistics development projects from the perspective of great power competition, maritime transportation security threats connected with widespread international conflict, and more specifically, potential port improvement opportunities that may assist the Brazilian Port of Santos in gaining market shares as international tensions disrupt traditional trade patterns. Viewing global transportation and logistics concepts through the lens of great power competition highlights my natural interests as well as the unique perspective that I have achieved through integration of these interests into my studies at AMU.  

If I were an employer examining the e-portfolio of a potential employee, I would look for two main elements. First, I would want to see a solid understanding of broad concepts related to the business processes carried out by my firm. Specified skillsets, while certainly important, are often easier to provide through focused training and on-the-job experience. A strong contextual understanding, on the other hand, is what I would expect from a graduate, and should provide a foundation for advancement into higher-level management positions. Second, and equally important, I would look for alignment between the individual’s personal interests and the work of the firm. This would indicate a level of commitment that goes beyond the paycheck and may give the individual, as well as the firm, a unique edge over competition.

What types of information might an e-portfolio provide that may not be as evident following an interview?


While creating an e-portfolio the essential components are showing that you have several skills.  The critical skills you can show are your ability to critically think, synthesize information, and have a certain level of writing ability.  This work shows that you are a capable communicator and will be able to lay out your thoughts or work in a clear explainable manner. No one likes to work with those who are poor communicators or those who do not know how to write thoughtfully to complete a complex project.  I a actually began to create my e-porfolio about 1 ½ years ago on LinkedIN there was a lot of trials and errors as I stumbled through posting articles. What I learned and intended to do was expand my profile reach so I could connect with others. I also wanted more of my papers to be public knowledge to add to the information on the internet. My best achievement was being able to write a few articles for small websites on my work experiences.

Having been an hiring manager I did not consider looking for e-porfolios. It was too much work to do that when I could go to hiring sites such as Monster.com, LinkedIN, and clearancejobs.com. Often times I was only looking at their education to check mandatory boxes and would glance the resume for a few key ideas. But, it was often cold call conversations or scheduled interviews that I learned the most about the candidate and how they would fit into the organization if selected. There were several occasions where amazing candidates on paper where lack luster in performance and those who were riding the line and questionable did outstanding work. So, I learned that e-porfolios were not much help to me as a hiring manger.

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