Cache memory jan 21 | Computer Science homework help

Even though this class is new to you, none of you should be new to Computer Architecture as it exists in the real world…in fact, everyone who has used an iteration of computer architecture over the years and this is evidenced by the Desktop or laptop computers you own.

For this week’s assignment, Please provide a write-up as an answer to the question below

Why is the cache memory so important to a computer’s performance even though all systems have MAIN MEMORY (RAM)?

As part of this assignment, make sure to answer the following sub-questions as part of your assignment

  • Explore the different types of Cache memory and how they differ from one another?
  • How the cache memory differs from the main memory (RAM) in terms of functions?
  • You should submit at least TWO FULL PAGES OF CONTENT…meaning sources, title, etc. do NOT count…be sure to include any reference material you used…

    If you have any questions about the assignment, what I am asking for or anything else, please let me know…

    Good luck…

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