Can i write an article with my knowledge


An article is a challenging journalistic form that combines elements of reflection, feuilleton, gloss or commentary. The definition of an article is therefore not clear-cut, but in simplified terms, an article reflects on and evaluates a particular issue or frequently occurring phenomenon. In addition to a thorough analysis of the topic, articles should come up with an original solution and offer an unconventional perspective. A proper (the current linguistic norm allows for both masculine and feminine forms of the word “article”) article should provoke the reader to ask questions and think about the issue.
Since articles are one of the most challenging formats, on behalf of we would like to present you an article that will answer your question how to write an article. Read on and you will learn how a proper article should look like, how to write an article in English and you will also be able to see a sample article. If you are asking yourself the following questions, it is high time to read our article on articles:

How to write an article to suit both formally and content-wise?
How to choose a topic for an article?
How to write an article in English?
What is the outline of an article?
How to write an article
The first step in writing an article is probably choosing a topic. As a rule, an article deals with abstract topics, not with everyday matters (unlike a gloss or a classic commentary). However, you can structure your article by demonstrating a more general phenomenon based on a specific event. Remember that your topic should engage the reader, but on the other hand, it is not necessary to try to please at all costs, for example by resorting to tabloid affairs, etc.
Another point to consider when writing an article is the scope. This cannot be mandated for all articles, but it should certainly be longer than, for example, a reflection or a feuilleton (sometimes several A4 pages are required in schools).
The outline of an article tends to be much looser and more open compared to other forms. However, this does not mean that it is not present in the article at all. The main thing is that the text is coherent in thought, i.e. that the writer does not jump from one idea to another without any

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