Career concept map | Nursing homework help



I am currently LPN enrolled in RN Nursing program

In a Word document, 
develop your own career mapping concept map (which highlights your own stages of progression). Your concept map should include and identify future stages of your nursing career progression, as well.

Be sure to address the following in your concept map:

· Educational status

· Training

· Experience present and future

· Work setting

· Nursing level of practice

· Associations

· Certifications

· Community activities

· Mentoring

· Certifications


Module 09 Written Assignment – Concept Map

Scoring Rubric:

Addresses the following in the concept map:

Criteria: Educational status
Points: 5

Criteria: Training
Points: 5

Criteria: Experience present and future
Points: 5

Criteria: Work setting
Points: 5

Criteria: Nursing level of practice
Points: 5

Criteria: Associations
Points: 5

Criteria: Certifications
Points: 5

Criteria: Community activities
Points: 5

Criteria: Mentoring
Points: 5

Total: 45

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