Chapter 7 | Education homework help


Ms. Reloj is teaching second grade. One of her responsibilities is to teach her students how to tell time. She is concerned that her students will think that learning how to tell time is boring. What recommendations do you have for Ms. Reloj? Fill out the table located in the handout and submit the completed table as your Chapter 7 assignment.

Your primary goal in this assignment is to apply the concepts discussed in the section “Key Ideas in Information Processing Theory.”  You should use your textbook’s Development and Practice section titled, “Developmental Trends: Basic Information Processing Abilities at Different Age Levels” as a guide.

Please refer to this handout (Word). You can see my video reflection below. Keep in mind, this was recorded in a previous semester and any dates are likely incorrect

Required criteria for full credit: 

  • Provide three recommendations for each section that is targeted to address the specific implication of information processing.  
  • Each recommendation is explained clearly.   
  • Grammar accurate/APA formatting 

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