Child development discussion 8.1 | Education homework help

 There are no length requirements for your posts. Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Your posts need to be your thoughts and your words. However, if you paraphrase (summarize or reword) information from a source, you must cite and reference your source in APA-style. While you will not be graded on APA-style formatting, these forums provide an opportunity to practice this important skill.  Also, please provide a web link when referencing an online source. Please represent yourself honorably.Topics:

  • Consider the ways your culture, race, and ethnicity affected your own child development.
  • The importance for professionals working in child development fields to develop cultural competence to best understand, support, and advocate for children of diverse backgrounds. 

Choose at least one (1) topic to discuss.

One or two paragraphs will be enough 

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