CHOOSE a business to work with . REVIEW Current business practices against the SEVEN dimensions of strategic innovation . Modify the innovation…

Can you help me with my assessment in BSBINN502 TASK 2 and TASK 3. I have chosen “TWITTER” as the company topic.

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1 .CHOOSE a business to work with .REVIEW Current business practices against the SEVEN dimensions of strategicinnovation .3. Modify the innovation System you developEd in ASSESSMENT Task 1 to address theBUSINESS" SPECIFIC NEEDS .4 .SCOPE out an area or department to run a pilot program and identify the programparticipants and KEY Stakeholders .5 .SEEK approval from your assessor to Ensure that your nominated business isSuitable for the implementation of an innovation System pilot5. DEVELOP an implementation plan for the innovation System pilot7. DEVELOP a communication plan that covers both participants and KEY Stakeholders.8. Consult with KEY Stakeholders to obtain approval for the implementation plan .WHERE NECESSary , modify the plan in response to the feedback received from theStake holders9 .Communicate the project to all participants and stakeholders and lead the pilot ofthe innovation System for at least one innovation of any type Iproduct , process .marketing organisationall .10. REVIEW the outcomes Of the implementation with KEY Stakeholders*1 1. Write a project report as per the attached report outline [APPENdix 1 1.12. Submit all documentation [original and amended Versions ; as per SpecificationsDELOW . KEEP COPIES for your records .

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