Cl3001 discussion task | Education homework help

For this Written Response Assignment, you will respond to a series of prompts related to culture as a critical context for children’s learning and development.

For this Written Response Assignment, you will define culture as a concept and clarify the relationship between culture, cultural context, and a child’s identity development, You will answer questions about how culture may influence development and learning and how to help an early childhood teacher improve her culturally responsive practices related to discussing cultural differences, as well as address how an educator’s cultural framework may influence young children’s development and learning. 

Submission Length: 7 prompts with responses ranging from1–3 paragraphs in length.

Professional Skills: Written Communication and Engaging Multiple Social and Cultural Perspectives are assessed in this Competency.


• Download the Written Response Submission Form, which includes the Rubric for this Assignment. Complete the form using the criteria presented in the Rubric.

• Download the Writing Checklist to review prior to submitting your Assignment.

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