Com: name speech | English homework help

  1. Think about your name and the best way to get the class to remember your name (Keila).
    1. Be as creative as possible, using any method (narrative, etymology of your name, visual aids, etc.).
    2. Refer to  Name Brainstorming Questions [PDF] Click for more options Name Brainstorming Questions [PDF] – Alternative Formats if needed. 
    3. Your speech should NOT address every one of the Name Brainstorming Questions from above. Be selective–choose what is most interesting and what works together for a unified message.

2.Create a 1-2 minute speech. Keep the following in mind:

  1. You should deliver your speech extemporaneously from brief notes that occupy no more than one side of a single 4 x 6 note card.
  2. Do not read your speech, but use as much eye contact as possible.
  3. Practice, and time yourself.
  4. Refer to  Assignment 1: Critique Sheet [PDF] Click for more options Assignment 1: Critique Sheet [PDF] – Alternative 
  5. Formats for how your speech will be critiqued.
  6. Here is a sample name speech:

My name is Keila McNeil. I think we can just use Keila for the speech.

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