Compose A 500 Words Essay On Business Informal Report Needs To Be Plagiarism Fre

Compose a 500 words essay on Business informal report. Needs to be plagiarism free!

The society has experienced great loss to the fact that the museum presently does not have a section for Greek mythology. This is due to the fact that the foundation of modern society is mainly based on the Ancient Greek civilization (Dowden 46). The civilization includes Greek literature and mythology (Hard 131). A section on Greek mythology particularly Pelops should be opened.

It is true from my analysis that the knowledge about the history of Greek help to realize the need for opening a section of the museum. With the knowledge in history about the Greek mythology the manager will be convinced that Greek mythology is important for the museum. The manager will be convinced that the Greek mythology and its traditions are relevant in today’s time (Dowden 48).

Greek mythology at the museum can be presented by the case for Pelops (Edinger & Deborah 152). Many visitors will be interested to know much in Pelop’s life. The birth of Pelop, his apprenticeship to Poseidon, his being served to the gods by his father, his fatal curse, his love among others can be presented in the museum (Edinger & Deborah 153).

One of my recommendations that I derived after the study is that the manager should undertake performance and plan for the development of the museum. Besides, the executive manager will regularly need ideas that will attract more visitors to the museum (Hard 129). The knowledgeable about history, geography and science equips individuals on the importance and ways of opening a section of the museum. The manager should also be attentive to suggestions that are put forward logically in order to develop fruitful ideas.

Evidently, the creation of a section of the museum can be made possible when the executive manager take an action. The manager should gather more ideas and information on the various ways of creating up the section. I will be very happy to realize that the section