Compose A 500 Words Essay On Crimes Elements Prevention Mechanisms And Vicap Nee

Compose a 500 words essay on Crimes: Elements, Prevention Mechanisms and VICAP. Needs to be plagiarism free!

The elements of a crime are all the components series that forms the basis of crime and for it to be confirmed that someone is guilty of a crime. For one to be declared guilty of a particular the prosecution must have sufficient evidence to prove that all elements of a crime are evident in a given case and the validity of a case on one or more aspects can always be challenged by the defense team if all/part of the crime component has weak evidence(Brasol, 1969).

Other components that must be present include concurrence, conduct, intent, and causation. Without one of these components of crime, a case of a crime possibly can lead to it failing on the side of the defense team. This enlightens why occasionally, for example, the defense will without restrictions admit to something which seems to implicate, for them to win the case. by this, the defense accepts that some and not all element were present, it uses the denied elements to criticize the prosecution’s case (Brasol, 1969).

Intent, guilty mind involves someone to anticipate to be involved in a criminal activity and to have a rational capacity to it, intent. For example, someone who has intentions of committing robbery clearly meets the intent condition of a crime (Brasol, 1969). Methods to deter crimes or to break the cycle are all mechanisms that with implementation reduce or totally eradicate criminal activities in the society. They include key prevention, discourse personal level, and family level factors linked with later criminal involvement. Personal level factors like attachment to school and involvement in social activities reduce the likelihood of criminal involvement because it keeps one’s mind engaged (Arrington, 2006).&nbsp.

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