Compose A 500 Words Essay On Dealing With Stress And Violence In The Workplace N

Compose a 500 words essay on Dealing with Stress and Violence in the Workplace. Needs to be plagiarism free!

ed of systems of interventions that are supposed to prevent the negative psychological reactions that arise from dealing with many critical incidents in the line of duty. The management tool is designed to address critical incident stress at an early stage to prevent post traumatic stress becoming permanent in exposed individuals. The tool facilitates the normal recovery of individuals, groups and organizations back to normalcy after a traumatic experience. The management tool also assists in the identification of personnel within an organization who need further attention in emotional support services or psychological treatment in severe cases (Human Resources Branch, 1997)

A CISM program uses multidimensional approach to prevent post traumatic stress on personnel exposed to traumatic situations, the tool promotes pre-event stress and crisis management education, training and preparation for management of traumatic stress and incorporates planning and policy development to that effect. The programs have various interventions that are used when a traumatic event is happening, and interventions after the traumatic events have occurred. Many approaches and interventions are integrated together to form a systematic interlinked approach to management of stress (Mitchell, n.d).

Stress management tools are expected to help individuals, emergency personnel groups and communities deal with the impact of critical incidents and enable them to live with some degree of normalcy after these events. Stress management tools reduce incidences of chronic stress in personnel, which has negative effects on an individual’s life.

Yes. I believe that the stress management tool is useful in dealing with violence in the workplace because all employees are able to share their experiences which help in reducing psychological stress and promote faster healing. When used effectively, the CIS management tools allow early detection of employees suffering from post-traumatic stresses that