Compose A 500 Words Essay On Europa Report Needs To Be Plagiarism Free The Europ

Compose a 500 words essay on Europa Report. Needs to be plagiarism free!

The Europa report film faces a lot of disastrous technical failures the lead to lack of communication between them and the earth mission control. Despite the series of very dangerous crises, the Europa crew continue with the mission of reaching Europa where they encounter a lot of scientific mysteries. On this mission, several scientific aspects were used which had different accuracies (National Research Council & Space Studies Board, 28).

One of the scientific aspects used included the Radio Science Subsystem. A radio science subsystem is a subsystem that is placed on board of a spacecraft (Carroll & Michael, 76) .The RSS is placed on board for purposes of radio science. The radio Science Subsystem mainly uses signals to determine a medium like that of planetary atmosphere. The spacecraft transmit very high stable signals to the ground stations, receives signals from the ground stations or even both. The transmitted signals parameters are known to the receiver and so the propagation medium or the relative motion of the spacecraft is attributed to these parameters (National Research Council & Space Studies Board, 59). The Radio Science Subsystem was used in the Europa to determine the degree two-time dependent gravity field, to recover K2 amplitude at the Europa’s orbital frequency to 0.003 absolute accuracy, and the phase to 1 degree.

The RSS functions include determination of the gas clouds that include the atmosphere and the aura of plasma which surrounds the sun also referred to as the corona. The RSS also characterize gravitational field which explains that there is a body that extends into space around itself. RSS estimates masses of celestial satellites and sizes of particle fields and also the density of ion fields (Carroll & Michael, 99).

A magnetometer (MAG) is an instrument that measures vector magnetic field where the information is used to determine the boundaries that are between various plasma regions. The MAG also