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Every day he has to give it oil and trim the wick so that it always burns clear and bright. We pay him a dollar a week for that.”

As the farmer went on his way, one of the travelers said “We could use this lamp. What a pleasure it would be not to have to walk about in the gloom at night.” “You know what?” said the second, “We’ll get a horse and wagon and take it away.” The third climbed the tree, bored a hole in the moon, stuck a rope through it, and let it down. They covered the moon with a cloth so no-one would see that they were being robbed of the moon and drove away. With luck they arrived in their own country and hung the moon in a high oak tree. Old and young alike were happy with the moon’s light that fell over the fields and in the houses and rooms. Even the dwarves came out of their caves, dressed in their finest red jackets, to dance in the meadows.

The four supplied the moon with oil and trimmed its wick and weekly collected their dollar. But they were old men and as the first sickened and his death was in sight he ordered that one-quarter of the moon, as his share, be buried with him in his grave. As he was dying, the Mayor climber the tree and cut off a quarter of the moon to lay in his coffin. The light of the moon was reduced, but not very noticeably. When the second died the second quarter was given to him, and the light diminished itself. Still weaker was it after the death f the third, likewise taking his share with him, and when the fourth went to his grave, the old gloom trampled once more over the country.

When the pieces of the moon were reunited in the Underworld where darkness had always prevailed, the dead stirred and woke from their sleep. They were astonished that they were able to see as though it were daytime. The light of the moon was enough because their eyes were weak from not having seen the brilliant sun for a long time. They got up and joyfully took up their old way of life again.