Compose A 500 Words Essay On Media And Crime Logentry I Needs To Be Plagiarism F

Compose a 500 words essay on Media and Crime LogEntry I. Needs to be plagiarism free!

According to the news, it is one among the many shootout cases in the U.S and is one among the increasing incidents’ of attack on Sikh people. Thus, the first feeling developed by the news is that there are shootout cases on a regular basis in the U.S. Also, a police official claims that the more information our law enforcement agencies have on violence against Sikh Americans, the more they can do to help prevent such crimes. This develops the feeling that the U.S law enforcement agencies are somewhat helpless in helping such communities when it comes to hate crimes.

Here, it seems that the Behavioral Theory of crime is highly applicable. It is seen that the issue is a hate crime. Evidently, the culprit, a white man, has gained that violent tendency not genetically but through life experiences. According to the theory, a person undergoes behavior modeling through the interaction with family members, environmental experiences, and even mass media influence. Secondly, one can see that trait theories too can be applied in this case. The person is evidently an antisocial personality who is characterized by impulsivity, hostility, aggressiveness, lack for concern for others and lack of emotional depth.

Another important report is seen in USA Today. The report named ‘Along highways, signs of serial killings’ is prepared by Blake Morison (2010). According to the report, there were 459 deaths and nearly 41 attempted homicides committed by serial killers along the national highways in the U.S. As one reads ahead, the report says” They are out there.” It seems that the report is interested in creating a picture that that is frightening. In addition, the report claims that according to FBI, it is necessary to ‘look back and try to figure out’ who is behind the killings. Once again, it becomes clear that the criminal justice system is portrayed incapable to effectively manage the situation.

The study by Fox and Levin (1994 as