Compose A 500 Words Essay On Metabolic Research Critique Needs To Be Plagiarism

Compose a 500 words essay on Metabolic research critique. Needs to be plagiarism free!

According to the paper, there are approximately 300 accounted types of inherited metabolic diseases (IMD) and there is a continuous increase and the authors of the article perceived the importance of early identification of the presence of IMD in the system of the patients. The challenge is that there is a higher percentage of diagnosis during 15 years and above than in the first year of life but this can make the different since early diagnosis is important. The subjects have indications of possible IMD undertaken (both confirmed and suspected).

The research objective is stated on the last part of the background of the study. It is to be able to establish a gene expression signature to be able to improve detection of IMD earlier than normal diagnostic techniques.

The subject of the research or the population had been described in the methodology clearly. These 68 patients’ human skin fibroblast cells became the subjects of the research after being cultured and tested for Mycoplasma infection. One criticism regarding the population can be related to the number of subjects. Based on the rules of scientific research, it is important to have a higher number of subjects to be able to improve validity.

The methods used in the research had also been stated and organized clearly. This part of the paper is one of the longest and most specific part of the study with clear distinction of the fact that the paper is technical and that most of the readers are peers who can relate to the subject matter and the techniques presented such as the RNA extraction, the determination of the microarrays, the gathering and analysis of the mycroarray data, and finally the PCR and sequencing analysis.

In relation to the technical presentation of the methodology, the different concepts, terms and variables are defined in a manner that only the related parameters and values are given and not defined in a layman’s perspective. It can be considered that