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He cannot bear the thought of her being unfaithful, however, and it is the thought of this, and his inability to deal with it that makes him jealous.

9. At this stage Othello has fallen into every trap that Iago has made. He has accepted all the suggestions that Iago has made, and the idea of Desdemona being with another man has completely consumed him. There is not much chance that he will be fair because his mind is already full of the darkest ideas of revenge.

12. Othello says that the handkerchief was a magical gift from a mysterious Egyptian woman to his mother, and that it was charmed, to make her husband (Othello’s father) love her, so long as she did not lose her. It could be a true story, or it could be a veiled threat to see how Desdemons reacts to the idea that Othello will perhaps not love her any more.

15. Bianca is an admirer of Cassio. He asks her to take the handkerchief and get it copied. She thinks it is from a lover and she is jealous – this is just like Othello’s reaction. Cassio found the handkerchief in his room. Bianca has the handkerchief at the end of Act 3. Perhaps Cassio senses that the handkerchief could be used against him and so he wants it out of his room.

16. Jealousy is portrayed as a monster. Iago is jealous of Othello, and Othello is jealous because he thinks Cassio has been with his wife. It provokes these men to extreme actions: Iago is devious, and Othello is violent. The women do not understand this because they are more honest and less violent. It seems a particularly male thing. Bianca is the exception, however, and she shows that women can feel jealousy too, but she is not violent, and seems to accept Cassio’s explanations quite

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