Compose A 500 Words Essay On Pdf Summary 500 Words Needs To Be Plagiarism Free E

Compose a 500 words essay on PDF summary 500 words. Needs to be plagiarism free!

ew tips from his online friends and great determination, Smith was able to pin point the location of the fraudster and informed the authorities who went ahead to make the arrest (Smith, 2002).

The story of Shiva Brent Sharma shows how he learned the skills of identity stealing from websites. With the help of online identity thieves and websites set up to help would be fraudsters learn tricks on fraud, he was able to gain enough skills which helped him to wire transfer money from other people’s accounts to his after stealing their identities. He also used other people’s credit cards to purchase items. His victims seem to be people who were new to computer use or maybe who were not cautious enough when responding to prompts made to them through their e-mails. Sharma said the money was coming too fast and he found it hard to resist engaging in identity stealing (Zeller, 2006).

This story illustrates the challenges that authorities encounter when hunting down hackers. It is clear that hackers are becoming more skilled and elusive to hunt down. ShadowCrew website is significantly focused on in explaining the technicalities of hunting hackers. It is noted that cyber gangs are becoming international groups and consequently tracking them is becoming harder. Some of them have their servers in countries that are not cooperative in the fight against cyber crimes. The fight against cyber gangs will only succeed if all the stakeholders cooperate. The input by private security firms which develop anti-viruses is noted to be important as well as cooperation of security agent in different nations (Grow, 2004).

This article focuses on manipulation of eBay system to make some account holders appear highly credible and therefore trustworthy. It is noted that the user evaluation system of eBay is vulnerable to manipulation and unfortunately it is this system that is used by buyers and seller to evaluate the credibility of other buyers and sellers. This article argues that eBay