Compose A 500 Words Essay On Peer Review For Classmate Research Proposal Needs T

Compose a 500 words essay on Peer Review for Classmate Research Proposal. Needs to be plagiarism free!

Throughout the writing, the writer understands the topic of recidivism and goes ahead to explain the problems in the prison cells. After that there is a comparison of different studies on how inmates behave while in prison, after prison and the possible situations and reasons that make the inmates come back to prison. The writer writes carefully on the psychological aspects and behavioral aspect, giving remedies to solutions the inmates face. There is a clear understanding of the topic. The solutions presented relate perfectly with the problem of recidivism.

Solutions are presented by the writer, and they come after the writer had described a diagnosis or a problem in the inmates. The writer presents solutions like therapy and rehabilitation, which are solutions to solve the problem of recidivism. There are recommendations that cover the three fundamental dimensions of counseling, the inmate, the prison institution and the society (Davis, 87). The writer gives solutions and recommendations to the individual, what prison should do the individual and how the society should react and behave towards the individual. The government is also in the society as an institution.

The writer has used different sources and references, and that means that there was proper research though not exhaustive. Comparisons should be made from more than three sources to bring about clarity and understanding form consistency of ideas. The way they are incorporated to the report is good and the citation is also good because there is acknowledgment of the original researchers and writers. The sources were also quoted where the writer has not used her words to avoid plagiarism.

If the author should improve the paper, issues of relativity are critical. The writer should focus on one idea and exhaust it fully. In some concepts and ideas, a blanket description is given which means the writer does not go